You may ask yourself, “What is ‘The Firmest Pillar’ supposed to mean?”

The title of this blog comes from the striking quote on the facade of the New York County Supreme Court Building at 60 Centre Street which reminds us all in words which are themselves quite true: “The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government.”  Per contra, it follows that the false administration is the firmest pillar of bad government.  Its origins date to a letter from none other than General George Washington written on September 28, 1789 noting that “the due administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good Government…” as thoroughly described by one well-known linguist.  However, whether it is “true” or “due,” the question remains how to administer justice, in all things.

The challenges come in arriving at what is true and just and knowing what is false and wrong; understanding that process is the goal — not only as applied to courthouse happenings, but also when considered in the world at-large.  Indeed, it is these two virtues — truth and justice — which fortify the firmest pillar of an honorable life.

DISCLAIMER: This entire blog is a social commentary revolving around the stated themes of truth and justice.  Its blog entries are all informed opinions, supported by referring weblinks where appropriate and if available.  At all times, the Reader is urged to visit these sources, which are instrumental to informing said opinions, to facilitate in best making conclusions about the issues of truth and justice discussed herein.


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